The Story of Hotei

Baby HoteiHotei was about 7 weeks old when he arrived at the ICRC on May 22, 2004. He came from Greenfield, Indiana, and was transported to our facility by Cindy Schulze, our Corp, Secretary and all round supporter.

Hotei's mother and four siblings were killed by a car near highway 74. Hotei was the only survivor. When he was found by a man on a motorcycle, he was trying to dig a den underneath his mother, so that he could hide. The man took Hotei home to his mother who took very good care of him until we could pick him up one week later.

Hotei bonded very quickly to Tammy Solenberg and after he arrived here, he bonded to me within two days.

Hotei will be introduced to either Cherokee or Morrell at the appropriate time. He will have a home here for the rest of his life. He is already interacting with two of my dogs and seems to enjoy it here.

Since Indiana Coyote Rescue Center does not buy, sell or breed coyotes, Hotei will need to get his vasectomy in just a few weeks. This surgery will cost about $200.00 A new puppy is always expensive. Any help would be very appreciated and all donations are tax deductable.

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Indiana Coyote Rescue Center
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