Current Direction

Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, founded in 1989 by the late Ceann Lambert, is a facility dedicated not only to the long term care and socialization of our resident non releasable coyotes and red foxes, but  to educate and inspire the human population to understand and learn to treasure the unique contribution the North American Coyote makes to our ecosystem and to begin the process of ending the slaughter of these animals that are indigenous only to the North American continent.

Encompassed in our fundamental purpose as a rescue facility are three major goals: rescue, education and non-invasive research. Our goal is to educate the public on the importance of appreciating the behavior and ecology of coyotes and how this relates to the general quality of life for humans living now and for future generations.  Additionally, we strive to educate society that keeping coyotes, coyote-dog or coyote-wolf hybrids as pets is injudicious, as they may be dangerous to people, especially children. Third, we intend to conduct humane, non-invasive behavioral research studies to promote animal welfare for captive animals and further publish the results of our studies through the usual means throughout the scientific community and other channels of communication.

Indiana Coyote Rescue Center desires to protect, restore and improve the habitat and environment of the coyote population and to teach and promote animal handling methods which promote a better quality of life for captive animals. All this, with a view of contributing to the education and enjoyment of living animals by the general public which normally has only limited access to this information, but who as individuals are called upon as voters to make decisions affecting the very quality of life of all animals and ultimately humans as well.