Staff & Volunteers

Jami Hammer – President

Jami is a continuing Biological Sciences and Business Management student who started working with wild canids in 2005 as a behavioral studies intern at Wolf Park, located in Battle Ground, Indiana.

From there, she interned at the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center under the direction of our late founder, Cecilia Lambert.  During her two year stay at ICRC, Jami transitioned from an intern to primary animal caretaker and administrative assistant, specializing in behavioral observation of both coyotes and red foxes, as well as their socialization and environmental enrichment.  She also helped to educate the public through public appearances and by publishing in various newspapers.  During her internship, she implemented various programs to increase fund raising capabilities.  In addition to education and networking, Jami’s duties included basic animal care, arranging veterinary visits, coaching concerned citizens through emergency situations, and managing new volunteers.

After her leave in 2008, Jami continued to take an active role in ICRC by making frequent visits to volunteer her time, assisting the director in providing sustainable programs for environmental enrichment, veterinary, dietary, and psychological needs of the animals residing at the facility.

As current director of ICRC, Jami intends to assist the board of directors in taking Indiana Coyote Rescue Center in a new direction as a USDA licensed education facility. While the animals’ well-being is always a first priority, she feels it is important to continue networking with other facilities and organizations to bring about awareness of the importance of these animals in keeping a steady ecological balance in our environment and increasing educational outreach programs.

Shane McKee – Vice President

Shane is a clinical researcher for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and has been with the organization since its incorporation as a 501(c)3 non for profit organization in 2003. He found the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center while searching for wild canid behavioral research opportunities during his grad studies, majoring in animal behavioral sciences. Once privately run and funded, the ICRC is now able to receive tax-deductible donations and commit to more educational outreach programs because of Shane’s hard work and dedication while writing the bylaws and articles of incorporation. He has become, and continues to be, an integral part of this organization’s ability to survive. Not only does Shane keep all finances in order, but he regularly visits the facility to assist in various projects including any building or carpentry jobs, fence maintenance, and sustainable environmental enrichment programs.

Robert Barker – Volunteer

Robert is our volunteer extraordinaire. The director of a dog rescue, Robert has maintained an 18-year dedication to Indiana Coyote Rescue Center. Robert met our late founder, Cecilia Lambert, during his time as a groundskeeper for Wolf Park, where Cecilia volunteered as a wolf “puppy mother”.

Faithfully returning each week to help out with every job imaginable, Robert has never been deterred from coming back, a fact which we appreciate boundlessly.  He often can be seen constructing decks, cleaning pens, erecting enclosures by himself, cleaning food pans and water buckets, cleaning gutters, shoveling rock, and even the occasional butchering of roadkill deer for coyote feedings.

In addition to the endless back breaking physical labor of the spring and summer seasons, Robert retains a special relationship with several of the animals here at ICRC. While well socialized, many of them retain more unpredictable behaviors that prevent them from interacting with them on a close and personal level. Robert, however, has always employed an approach unique to him, an approach that allows him to further socialization efforts with otherwise “difficult” animals here at the rescue.

He continues to impress us with his willingness and ability to help, regardless of the task or its inconvenience or tedious nature. Robert does not complain.  Rather, he smiles, and does what is necessary until the work is done. Robert mbodies the spirit and the drive that is the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center.

Nick Ames – Special Projects Coordinator

Nick has a history of non-profit animal work, primarily with special needs (blind and deaf) herding breed dogs. In 2010 he began working with dogs displaying agression issues, and a trainer introduced him to wildlife education.  Ever since, Nick has been a reliable volunteer asset. As a “jack of all trades,” Nick finds many ways to assist at the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, from small projects to large future planning. He possesses many skills in the graphic arts, and with photo and video projects.  He is also competent with “IT” work (Information Technology, especially proficient with Mac computers).  With experience in various trades, and many other types of hands-on labor, he prefers to work on all the “dirty” projects.  Yet, he also spends 25% of his volunteer time assisting with organizational development, strategic planning and other areas to strengthen non-profit groups. Living several hours away from ICRC, Nick is not able to be at the facility on a weekly basis, but works on several projects from afar.

Nick has a desire to learn more about wildlife and especially midwestern coyote public education, coexistence and captive care. Nick was attracted to the ICRC after contacting Jami Hammer and finding out there was a need for volunteers. “I appreciate finding a local coyote group that is working toward understanding coyotes better, and spreading a positive educational mission with the public,” he says.

Michael Davis – Volunteer

Michael learned about ICRC and corresponded with Cecilia Lambert while still living in Australia. He grew to appreciate the tenacity of coyotes, how they adapted to a changing world dominated by humans and thrived.

He moved to the United States to further his IT career. In 2006 visited ICRC and became friends with Cecilia.  Michael began volunteering with the organization. Helping produce email newsletters, updating the website, and fixing computers. With living several states away, most of the work has been remote. When visiting ICRC, Michael has helped with photography and building a coyote enclosure. His latest project has been the website refresh.

Special Thank You

The high school seniors Spencer and Brooklyn from Kokomo High School for their fund raising, environmental enrichment for the animals, cleaning enclosures, correspondence with supporters and yard work.

Nadia Tamlyn Beji for designing Indiana Coyote Rescue Center’s beautiful logo.

Bill Kish and the rest of Coyote Point Systems for their generous support over the last several years. A technology based company specializing in server load balancing solutions. They have donated several computers as well as cash donations during our difficult times.