A Tragic Assault on a
Defenseless Coyote  

Amber Update
Warning, some of these
photos are graphic
On January 27, 2005, I was awakened by my dogs barking and the sound of a pick up truck idling on the SW corner of my property. As I walked through the dark house to see what was going on, I saw a flashlight-light reflecting off of my barn door.

Running out the back door to see what was going on, I heard the truck drive away. I made the rounds of my coyote pens to check on them. Everything looked OK. Just as I walked back in the house, I heard a coyote cry in pain.

I went back outside with a better flashlight and found Amber with blood running down the side of her face and her eye all bloody. She was taken to Dr. Wolf, her vet. and her eye had to be removed.

What kind of person walks up to an animal in a secure enclosure, an animal who loved greeting people when they came to see her? He then points a gun to her eye and pulls the trigger. Since I did not hear a gunshot, the Sheriff's Dept. has determined that a silencer was use.

Amber before she was shotI would like to thank everybody who sent in a donation to help pay her vet. bill, for plywood to be bought, for a reward to be offered, for some surveillance to be purchased for her pen (soon) and for me to buy her the best, freshest food to help her heal. Her medications are also paid for.

We have now set up a PayPal account so tax deductable donations can be sent to: ceannicrc@yahoo.com

Increase In Reward to $1000

A concerned citizen from Russiaville has matched the original $500 reward offered by Indiana Coyote Rescue Center.

For information leading to the arrest of the irresponsible gun owner who trespassed on my property, walked up to one of my coyote pens, looked one of my tame coyotes, who loves people , right in the eye and then shot her eye out.

Who and what will he target next? Your dog, your cat, your child, you?

Contact the Carroll County Sheriffs Department. 765-564-2413 Any information received will be kept confidential.

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