Educational Outreach

by admin on May 23, 2013

ICRC has been scheduled for several presentations this year. We are excited to spread the knowledge on coyotes, to further the understanding of these creatures, and present ways to co exist peacefully instead of the need for lethal control methods. Our first two presentations were very well received, making us confident that we are slowly, but steadily making a difference in how these animals are viewed by the surrounding communities.

Jami from ICRC will be a guest speaker at the Anti Fur Society Conference in Virginia the last weekend of May, where she will increase awareness on the cruelty coyotes face in today’s society focusing on dog running practices, canned hunts, and contest hunts that take place in several states as well as the need to implement non lethal control methods/co existence strategies. We, at ICRC, are honored to be a part of such an event, and we hope to increase our presence to bring in new supporters.

We look forward to booking more speeches/presentations in the future to further our cause in helping not only our resident coyotes, but their wild counterparts in the ability to exist peacefully alongside humanity.

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