Special Projects

ICRC is continually working on special projects to improve the facility, life for the animals, and ability to educate the general public.  If you are interested in supporting one of our projects specifically, receive updates on progress, and gain recognition for your role in making its completion a reality, join us in our mission and please contact us at (765) 566-3800 or email us for more information at

Immediate future projects in need of financial support:

  • Completion of education center for further educational outreach
  • Enclosure expansion to maximize available space for animals residing at ICRC
  • Procurement of materials needed to complete environmental enrichment programs

We, at ICRC, are always in need of support to keep our facility running, provide enrichment for the animals, and make improvements to our organization.  We appreciate all help, great or small, in assisting us with reaching our goals. We hope to hear from you in regards to supporting one of our upcoming projects and bringing in someone new to our valued list of contributors.