Wish List & Donations

Indiana Coyote Rescue’s wish list has grown substantially over the past year. As we work to enlarge enclosures and provide more enrichment for our animals, the list seems to grow more every day.  While we are quite resourceful in building the majority of structural enrichment and procuring materials at a relatively low cost whenever possible, some supplies are much harder to come by in good enough condition to re-use or can’t be re-used in cases like supplements and garbage bags.  Below, we have listed the more immediately needed items that we use regularly here at ICRC. Nearly all, if not all, are available via Amazon.com at reduced prices or available at most stores. We have a more comprehensive wishlist via Amazon :


Where items are listed based on priority.  Thank you all for your support of our work here at ICRC. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated in any quantity.

Supplements for 35-40lb canine

  • Calcium
  • Vets best aspirin free aches and pain relief (for arthritic seniors)
  • Glucosamine

Other product donations

  • Spotlight flashlights (preferably at least 180 Lumens min.)
  • Wireless security camera system for facility grounds/animal security and safety
  • Lenovo Business Laptop computer for daily business use (est: $400)
  • Gift cards to Lowes/Home depot for building/fencing supplies
  • Laptop(preferably Macbook) for graphics, presentations, sponsorship packets
  • Office Supplies (computer paper, jump drives(preferably 32G), stamps, envelopes)
  • Large plastic storage bins (5)
  • Bleach for everyday sanitation of food bowls and prep areas
  • White distilled Vinegar for cleaning purposes
  • Metal tongs
  • Work gloves
  • 50 Gallon contractor bags
  • Landscaping stones for fencing reinforcements


To make a donation from our wish list, please contact ICRC at (574) 727-1218 or email us at