Coyote Photo Album

On a light note, here is a coyote family photo album of sorts -- just photos of a few of the ICRC family. However, this page does not have to be limited to just our captive coyotes. Comming soon, some wild coyotes taken by Monty Sloan out in Yellowstone National Park and up in Alaska will be posted here and if any of our readers have nice photo photos, please feel free to submit them along with a caption of where they were taken. We cannot guarantee we will be able to post them, but if we do, we will let you know. Photos must be taken by you, please do not submit images you have simply found on the web.

Friends Exploring Territory
Amber and Wrecker out for a walk

Amber and Wrecker
Napoleon, a Wild Coyote
Tudi Resting in the Weeds While Out for a Walk
The Trickster

Photo by Jerod
A Local Wild Indiana Coyote.
This shows how well they can blend into the environment.
Photo taken by Jerod

Photo by Richard Walker
California Coyote
Photo taken by Richard Walker

Photo by Michael Carr
Brush Wolf
Photo taken by Michael Carr of Avon, Indiana
Photo by Michael Carr
Another good wild coyote photo
taken by Michael from his patio.


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