Animal Abuse of Indiana Wildlife

This section investigate the gruesome details of the inhumane treatment of coyotes in the possession of Mr. Combs. He trapped two live coyotes and kept them at his residence.  A concerned citizen notified the Police and Animal Control about the condition of two live coyotes and a dead fox in a cage. The full details of the case are in the police report below.
Mr. Combs was arrested for animal cruelty.  The case was investigated and he was cleared of the charges because, his actions were not in violation of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources hunting and trapping rules.

I was appalled to learn that the Indiana Animal Abuse Statutes exempts trappers and hunter from it's jurisdiction.  If Mr. Combs had treated dogs as he did the coyotes, he would have been charged with a misdemeanor
and there would have been some consequences for his actions.

We at Indiana Coyote Rescue feel that all animals, regardless whether wild or domestic should be treated humanely.

Please help to amend this statute so that all animals are protected.
Please let your Legislators know about this. Ask for their help in amending this statute, to include all animals under it's protection.

The only voice that coyotes and other wildlife has, is us.  Speak loudly!

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